Fashion Craft Inc (FCI) is a globally renowned leather safety products company specializing in Leather Gloves.The Group has a total experience of more than 30 years in business.It has achieved its desired growth due to the appreciation and goodwill that customers have showered on it from all over the world. It is well known for its sincere efforts at keeping up to customer satisfaction and demands. The company has successfully created a brand name for itself with the manufacture and export of Industrial leather gloves and allied leather safety products, and industrial Garments to various countries all over the world. These products are mainly exported to wholesalers and end users of European countries, UAE,Saudi Arabia,USA etc and the basic feature include that they are custom tailored to suit the needs of variety of customers. The three production units based in Kolkata takes adequate care of delivering the best quality at a reasonable price. It tries to understand the specific needs in leather quality of the consumers and implements those changes to suit consumer's needs. The products are meant to suit specific industrial needs such as cuts, blows, chemical attack and temperature changes. These is due to the fact that the increase in industrial health and safety concerns there has been a steady increase in the manufacture and use of 'job fitted' safety gloves that can meet specific consumer needs. We have further expanded their production patterns to include other industrial and protective equipment items that can meet other industrial needs. Fashion Craft Inc (FCI) thus with its ever improving zeal is always the forerunner when it comes to providing the best possible products and service to its consumers.